Croissants to die for! Ok maybe that is a bit dramatic, but they are delicious and the smell as you walk in is a sneak peak into what you are about to experience. They have a selection of different flavours to choose from. I have tried several of them. As you may be able to tell I went once and that was the start of a few more visits. Although these are fairly pricey, they are filling and worth trying. Lune have store in both the CBD and Fitzroy. (Above are the lemon curd cruffin and the almond croissant and a flat white in my Keep Cup).

This weekend a trip to Lune in Fitzroy was suggested by a friend and I was not going to say no to try more of their options.

We went all out! Admittedly I have some leftover for breakfast tomorrow but we decided to halve the majority of options and there were a lot!

If you are going on the weekend I suggest getting there relatively early as the line gets long. It is open from opening time till they sell out.

Top left going clockwise- almond, chocolate chip cookie, lemon curd cruffin, banoffee cruffin, jam and cream cruffin and Black Forest.
We decided to start savoury with gruyere and ham
Lemon curd
Choc chip cookie which where I hit a wall and saved half of this and the rest of the others for breakfast tomorrow. It’s delicious but I was on my fourth half.

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