Week 1 and 2

Mum dropping me at the airport

Packed up and ready to go

After what seemed like an age, a lot of prep and moving house I was actually getting on the plane and as a surprise my brother upgraded me. Not a bad start to my year abroad!

Broke my body clock

To try and get my body clock in to Aussie time as quickly as possible I decided to stay awake on my first flight and to sleep the whole of the second. This resulted in me being awake for 24+ hours and being completely shattered. Maybe not my best move. The flights were great and I so appreciated the change to lie flat and shower in my stopover.

I arrived in Melbourne at 5am so an early start to what was to be a long and productive day. I am so grateful that I was collected from the airport by a friend and dropped at my hostel. I booked the hostel for the first three weeks of being here in the hope of finding somewhere longer term to stay. On writing this I am in week 2 of being here and so far not further on but hope that that will all change very soon.

Day 1

It walked over 12 miles. Watched sunrise over the Yarra, explored some street art, got my flu shot (it’s winter and I don’t want flu!) and then walked back into town, several exhibitions at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria), sunset and thank to a friend watched an AFL (Australian Football League) match to see Essendon vs Giants.

Never a dull moment

Within my first week I had been evacuated from my hostel twice in the middle of the night due to fire alarms. I have to say being woken up by the fire alarm and a tannoy of “this is not a drill, evacuate the building” which is a pretty effective and rapid wake up call. I got good at grabbing my documents and exiting building. Thankfully both times were false alarms but was encouraging to see that the fire brigade arrive quickly. I laid out my coat and a go bag for night three and was very happy not to have to use it and for getting a full nights sleep!

These boots were made for walking

So far I have used the tram twice and train twice (too and from Geelong). I have done a lot of walking! Last week I walked 71 kms (roughly 97,000 steps). I find that walking means you get to see more of a city and get your bearing quicker. It is also a good way to stay awake when you are jet lagged although, I did have an accidental 7 hours nap.

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