Four wall and a roof

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Before you start looking for accommodation it is worth considering the following criteria:

Age of people you want to live with

Number of people in the property


Pets or no pets

Shared/private bathroom

Own or shared room

If you want to live with couples or not

If the room is furnished or not (more about this on my Working Holiday 101 post)

What your budget is (rent is normally advertised per week rather than per month)

Check what bills are included within rent if any

Transport links nearby

If you need it parking restrictions around the property

This is a helpful starting point to look at different neighbourhoods in Melbourne:

Facebook groups:

Fairy Floss Real Estate- this is a group on Facebook that has regular updates on rooms available in houseshares. It is worth setting up notifications so you don’t miss a posting as they go incredibly quickly.


It’s worth creating profiles on both of these websites as you are more likely to get contacted about available rooms if you do. There is a cost to do this but it saves you time as people will also search and find you as a potential housemate.

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