Having had a random craving for Mexican food a friend and I did a quick search for a resturant in the CBD. We ended up having an early dinner at Mamasita. Arriving at the restaurant at around 5pm we presumed it would be fairly quiet. How wrong we were! It was packed. We were about to get a table (probably the last avaliable one). Would suggest booking if you are planning to head there on a weekend.

The staff were super friendly with great suggestions of what to try. We decided to order a range of dishes to share so we could try more of the menu.

The food did not disappoint. I don’t have any photos of it because we saw it, divided it, and conquered it before I even thought about photographing it!

I would recommend trying the chargrilled corn which is one of their signature sides. You can have it either in a bowl or on the cob. We chose in a bowl for ease of eating it. Our favourite dish was the macadamia and cashew nut chorizo tostada. This dish is vegan and full of an amazing array of flavours and textures. We could have happily ordered several more!

In addition we also ordered the lime cured market fish ceviche, the chicken ‘tinga’ tostada and the campechano tachos (grilled ox tongue and tail). The campechano tachos come with ghost chilli don’t let this put you off ordering them it really wasn’t spicy.

The menu can be found here.

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