The Brit does Bali- part 1

A friend invited me along to a girls long weekend in Bali. My first thought was that it was so odd to consider Bali a weekend/short break destination. Yes we have the ability to go to Europe for a weekend from the UK but Asia seems much further…

Challenge one for the trip: I moved to Melbourne during winter. I have had a very long winter (moved from UK winter/spring) and didn’t really have a lot of beach clothes. Queue a 4 hour shopping trip in the CBD which reinstated my love for online shopping and not having to dodge all the other shopper. I had no idea the weekend I went was sales weekend. The result of the trip was a hat. Just a hat!!

Next a rapid shopping trip online with a brand I had shopped with in the UK and thought I would likely know their sizing etc. Order placed and express delivery chosen. This is when I remember that Australia doesn’t really have next day delivery (something I really appreciate about London).

Once placed my parcel was possibly the most closely tracked parcel in history. When I placed the order I had no idea it would be coming all the way from Leeds (in the UK)!

At work the day before I left I got a text to say my parcel has been delivered. Hoping it hadn’t gone to my local mysteriously located sorting office, I rush home from work and there is was. Now for the all important trying on session and…it fits I have something to wear.

Having packed my newly purchased wardrobe and copious amounts of sunscreen I was ready to go.

I got to the airport seriously early. I mean so early that bag drop and check in had not been opened for my flight. This was not a waste of time as it meant I could call my sister in California, catch up on life and pull faces at each other thousands of miles apart. Ok, maybe some context would be helpful here. When we were younger I used to take my sister on trips to central London on the tube to go shopping. I have no idea how the tradition came about but we would pull what we affectionately called fish face at each other. Now imagine what people passing me at the airport must have been thinking when I am sitting on top of my suitcase, talking to my phone screen, AirPods in and pulling fish face! Who cares I was having some quality time catching up and becoming increasingly grateful for video calls.

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