Greetings of the card variety

Having gone on the hunt for a engagement card for a friend I realised that I really missed Paperchase (stationary shop in England) where you can go in and easily select a greetings card you like for most life occasions. It was a struggle to find one I liked in Melbourne and having gone to […]

Four wall and a roof

Before you start looking for accommodation it is worth considering the following criteria: Age of people you want to live with Number of people in the property Non/smokers Pets or no pets Shared/private bathroom Own or shared room If you want to live with couples or not If the room is furnished or not (more […]


Went for brunch here as it recently opened nearby. Had these pancakes with lemon curd, blueberry compote, mascarpone, meringue, strawberries and fairy floss (candy floss). Unsurprisingly the sugar rush I had after them was intense. I had a flat white which was good but the turmeric latte I had tasted a bit like drinking neat […]